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Open Planet is collaborating with a global network of partners, funders, content creators and changemakers to drive transformative storytelling about our changing planet.

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The CREATE Lab at Carnegie Mellon University aims to promote data literacy, inspire meaningful dialogue, and democratise access to data for everyone in an inclusive and transparent way. Its EarthTime platform enables users to interact with visualisations of the Earth's transformation over time.


Crtve Development

Crtve Development is a pan-African advocacy and storytelling organisation committed to driving positive change across the African continent. They champion African-owned and led development, bridging the gap between people and policies.

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Docubox is the only film fund in East Africa that exists to support independent documentary filmmakers in the region through granting opportunities, capacity building through workshops and masterclasses, and audience building through impact screening campaigns in schools and communities.

Earth Cubs logo as partner of Open Planet

Earth Cubs

Earth Cubs is the award-winning climate and sustainability edutainment platform for young children. Stories to Learn the World! Used in thousands of schools and homes all over the world.

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Earth Minutes

Earth Minutes is a young collective of researches and creatives, specialising in environmental communications. It is on a mission to drive the future of environmental thinking and learning through making communications more sustainable and accessible to all.

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Earthrise is an impact-driven media company for people and planet. They tell stories to transform climate, culture, and consciousness. Stories for a new world, that turn radical imagination into reality.

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Mission Overstory

Mission Overstory helps leaders embrace creativity and courage for the great challenges of our time, creating the strategies that make a difference for people and the planet.

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ONE is a global advocacy organisation that fights for a more just world by demanding the resources needed to create economic opportunities and healthier lives in Africa.

Open Climate Campaign

Open Climate Campaign

The Open Climate Campaign's goal is to see all climate change research available as immediate open access to increase equitable collaboration in finding faster solutions to the climate crisis.

Planet Forward

Planet Forward

Effective environmental and science communication is needed now more than ever. Planet Forward, a media project hosted by George Washington University in Washington, D.C., teaches, celebrates, and rewards environmental storytelling by college students.

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Pluc.TV is a platform for creators and creatives to power every screen with scalable stories. It works with 250,000+ people and hundreds of brands across 22 countries in 12+ languages.

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Protect Our Future

Protect Our Future uses the inspiration of athletes and the global community of sport to empower young people to take climate action and drive behavioural change. It provides free, world-class climate education resources for 8 to 18-year-olds globally. 

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Studio Silverback

Studio Silverback and Silverback Films are award-winning production companies that harness the power of filmmaking and storytelling to shed light on the urgent truth of our changing planet.

Sunway Centre for Planetary Health logo

Sunway Centre for Planetary Health

A planetary health approach recognises significant human progress while highlighting the environmental damage offsetting these gains. The Sunway Centre for Planetary Health works with partners to address these challenges, advocating for changes in lifestyle, production, and resource management.

UN SDG Media Compact logo

UN SDG Media Compact

The United Nations SDG Media Compact is a prestigious, global network of over 400 media and entertainment companies committed to accelerating action on the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

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University of Exeter

The University of Exeter is renowned for its environmental and climate leadership through research, education and innovation, with over 1,500 people ‐ including 5 of the world’s top 21 climate scientists ‐ working to deliver game-changing solutions.

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Wellcome is a global charitable foundation which supports discovery research into life, health and wellbeing. They're taking on three global health challenges: climate and health, infectious disease and mental health.