Open Planet User Licence

Key points of User Licence

You can use the Open Planet library for informational, educational or other non-commercial purposes. 

  • You can create content which can be used, for example, at public or private events, or shared on social media.
  • The purpose of using Open Planet footage should always be to make information about the environmental crisis (including the causes, impacts and solutions) available to others.

You must always include the correct credits or acknowledgements.

  • Please always credit Open Planet by noting ‘Images are freely available at org’. If you are restricted on space, at minimum please reference Open Planet as a source.
  • Where applicable, you must also credit the filmmaker, broadcaster or production company that kindly donated the footage to our library – we’ve provided this information section for each asset.
  • Credits should be incorporated either/both in the final asset (for example showing credits at the beginning or end of your content) or within the accompanying text (for example adding credits to the caption on social media or event marketing materials).
  • When sharing content on social media, we encourage use of our hashtag #OpenPlanet, and you can find us on: Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

You must not feature the Open Planet logo or branding without our consent other than permitted credits.

You must not use the Open Planet library for any commercial purpose. 

  • In no circumstances should you receive money or compensation in any form for using Open Planet content, even if this compensation is recouping the costs of making the film or hosting an event to screen the film.
  • You must not use any commercial or sponsored branding in relation to the Open Planet library without our consent
  • If you are interested in using footage from the Open Planet library for commercial use, please visit

You must not use the Open Planet library in a way that: 

  • is defamatory, obscene, pornographic, immoral or illegal;
  • distorts the original meaning of the footage, misrepresents it or takes it out of context;
  • undermines or ridicules the footage, anyone appearing in it or involved in its creation or Open Planet;
  • is derogatory or critical of Open Planet or associated partners/production companies, or could bring Open Planet or any of its partners into disrepute;
  • supports any position that is factually incorrect or is inconsistent with our mission and ethos (for example, ‘greenwashing’).

You must not create content/films that exceed more than 25 minutes in length without seeking approval from Open Planet.  

  • Productions exceeding 25 minutes must not contain more than 20% of footage from a single footage licensor.

If Open Planet finds that you are in breach of the User Licence, your User Licence will be terminated immediately, and you’ll lose all access to Open Planet, and have to delete and destroy all copies (whether hosted privately or shared publicly, online or elsewhere).

Please read the full User Licence below before proceeding to download assets from the Open Planet library.

About this Licence

  • This User Licence is supplemental to the terms and conditions that govern your use of the Open Planet Website, which can be found here (the “Terms“). Those Terms apply to your use of the Website, including without limitation the User Conduct provisions reproduced for convenience at Clause 7 below. All defined terms used have the same meanings as they do in the Terms. Any references to the Library includes all or any part of or extract from the audio-visual footage and recordings, visualisations, images (including of the land, ocean, wildlife, climate and people), scientific and other data, and other related material made available by us on the Website.

How to use Open Planet

  • You are granted the non-exclusive right to use (including the right to record, copy, cut, edit, dub, subtitle, reproduce, broadcast, repeat, and transmit) the Library solely for informational, educational or other non-commercial purposes, which may include, for example, use in publications or presentations at public or private events, in social media or in online or other not-for-profit exhibition in any media for the purposes of making available information about the world’s ecology including the causes of, impacts of and solutions to climate and ecological change but always excluding any right to commercially exploit the Library in any way, whether by incorporating in a paid for publication, presentation or production or charging a fee or receiving a revenue stream for any publication, presentation or production incorporating any Library or incorporating the Library in any advertising or promotional materials or any other use primarily intended for or directed towards commercial advantage or monetary compensation, even if such compensation is merely to recoup the costs of the activity. For clarity, (a) no discrete fee may be charged for entry to a screening of any production in which the Library is incorporated or of any content from Library but a general fee may be paid for attendance at any event at which such production may be exhibited and (b) no use can be made of the Library, or of any publication, presentation or production incorporating the Library, for social media monetisation (so, for example, claiming an advertising revenue stream from a Youtube channel is not permitted).
  • Where indicated to you by us, you agree to obtain the consent of any third party prior to you making any use of any item of the Library and/or comply with any restrictions in your use of any item of the Library. This may include a requirement on your part to obtain permission from music collecting societies (for example, if you wish to make any of the Library containing music available at a public event). Any credit or acknowledgement embedded in the Library must be retained at all times.
  • You shall not make any use of the Library in any way that (a) is defamatory, libellous, obscene, pornographic, immoral or illegal; or (b) distorts the original meaning of and/or misrepresents and/or takes out of context any item of Library; or (c) seeks to ridicule the Library, its contents, those featured in it, us or any of our associated companies, partners or licensors; or (d) is derogatory of or brings or is likely to bring into disrepute us or any of our associated companies, partners or licensors; or (e) uses the Library to support any argument or position that is factually incorrect or any hypothesis or supposition that seeks to undermine any scientifically proven fact(s); or (f) is inconsistent with our mission and ethos (so-called “greenwashing” and other cynical forms of marketing would fall within this bracket). Breach of this Clause by you will result in the immediate automatic termination of your User Licence.
  • You must not create content/films that exceed more than 25 minutes in length without seeking approval from us at Productions exceeding 25 minutes in length must not contain more than 20% of footage from a single footage licensor.
  • All material on the Website other than the Library (including without limitation any text, video or photograph and the design, layout, look and appearance of the Website and graphics featured on it) is not included in this User Licence and therefore cannot be reproduced or appropriated in any way without written permission from us. No rights of any kind in this material are licensed or assigned or shall otherwise pass to any persons accessing any of the Website, and no part of it may be reproduced, modified, copied, distributed, published or transmitted in any form or by any means without our prior written approval. You may not disassemble or decompile, reverse engineer or otherwise attempt to discover any source code contained in our Website.
  • We may discontinue licensing any item of the Library to you or any other user at any time at our sole discretion if any such item may be subject to a claim of infringement of a third party’s right for which we may be liable or for any other reason. Upon notice from us, or upon your knowledge, that the licence of any item of the Library is being discontinued, you shall immediately, and at your own expense, cease using the Library, delete or destroy any copies and take down the item of Library from where it is being displayed (e.g. social media); and ensure that your clients, distributors and/or employer do likewise.

User Conduct

  • You agree that you will not: (a) violate any laws; (b) use the Library (including any caption information, keywords or other metadata associated with the Library) for any machine learning and/or artificial intelligence (AI) purposes, or for any technologies designed or intended for the identification of natural persons; (c) falsely represent that you are the original creator of a work that is made up largely of the Library (for example, you cannot create artwork based solely or largely on the Library and claim that you are the author); (d) use, include or otherwise feature, or make available the Library on an openly accessible database, platform, channel (including a social media channel, such as a YouTube channel) or other outlet so as to create an offering which is the same as or similar to that made available by us on the Website; or (e) use or authorise use of the Library for any purpose outside the scope of this User Licence, including without limitation onward licensing of the Library by way of commercial clip sales (which is strictly prohibited).
  • You agree not to: (a) make available any malicious or potentially harmful computer code; (b) collect information about users of the Website or the Library; (c) interfere with the operation of the Website or the Library (d) sell, rent, lease, loan, timeshare, sublicense, distribute or otherwise exploit any portion of the Library, except as expressly authorised by this User Licence; (e) reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble any portion of the Website or the Library, except to the extent such restriction is expressly prohibited by applicable law; or (f) use any robot, spider or other device to retrieve, index, “scrape” or “data mine” any content on the Website or in the Library, or otherwise access or download any content from Website or the Library other than as permitted by these terms.