Downy Willow Shrub on the Helvellyn Hillside in the Lake District

Handheld shot of a single downy willow plant in early spring, growing on the hillside of Helvellyn in the Lake District.

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  • Production Year 2022
  • Length 00:00:04
  • Production Company JHPVisuals
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  • FormatMP4
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Downy willow (Salix lapponum) is a deciduous shrub that is densely branched with downy grey-green leaves. Silky grey catkins are produced in early spring, which have red anthers that turn yellow as the pollen ripens if a make catkin.Native of Siberia, Western European Russia, Scandinavia, Scotland, the Lake District (one station on Helvellyn) and also occurring in some of the mountains of southern, central and southeast Europe.


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