Launch of Open Planet announced during New York Climate Week

A ground-breaking new footage library, Open Planet, was announced at the UN General Assembly (UNGA) in New York, making world-class environmental footage freely available to content creators all over the world.

Launching globally in 2024, Open Planet aims to revolutionise the way we tell stories about our changing planet by enabling everyone, everywhere, access to high-quality, scientifically accurate footage – free to use for educational, environmental and impact storytelling. This unprecedented storytelling toolkit will support changemakers, educators, content creators, organisations and decision-makers to tell stories that will drive the changes needed in the next decade.

While the damaging effects of climate change and nature loss are already being felt across the world, credible and inspiring footage documenting the major environmental problems and solutions is scarce, and often rights-restricted or expensive to use. Open Planet was created to change that, unlocking existing barriers faced by global storytellers in scaling up communications about the planetary crisis. 

The fast-growing library features powerful footage and data-led visuals produced exclusively for Open Planet, as well as incredible cinematography contributed by world-leading filmmakers and producers, helping to build the most comprehensive free library of climate and nature footage in history. 

Developed in collaboration with a global network of industry-leading experts, Open Planet was created by award-winning filmmakers for impact Studio Silverback, part of All3Media, in partnership with Carnegie Mellon University’s CREATE Lab, creators of interactive, data-driven stories about our planet using the EarthTime platform. 

“As filmmakers, we know stories can be powerful agents of change, and with the window for action rapidly closing to address the planetary emergency, there’s never been a greater need for compelling, authentic storytelling. Open Planet will not only present the causes and impacts of climate change and nature loss, but also the incredible ingenuity of those driving innovation to keep crucial sustainability targets within reach.”

— Colin Butfield, Executive Director of Studio Silverback and Director of Open Planet

“EarthTime is excited to partner with Open Planet because we believe the combination of compelling on-the-ground video narrative coupled with the best of insightful data visualisations can make the state of the world undeniable. We believe that visually convincing evidence of change, both micro and macro, will move people forward from questioning reality to embracing the fact that we all have an immediate responsibility to act in the best interests of our one planet.”

— Gabriel O'Donnell, Principal Programmer for EarthTime

The announcement of Open Planet coincides with the critical halfway point for implementing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as political leaders gather in New York this week to review progress and accelerate actions towards the crucial 2030 targets. 

“At this halfway point of the Sustainable Development Goals, it is crucial to provide all possible tools to supercharge the breakthroughs needed to achieve them. Capturing hearts and minds to motivate action is one powerful way to do so. We welcome this free access to quality, accurate footage that will allow everyone to work together towards a cleaner, healthier planet, and dignity for all.”

— Caroline Petit, Deputy Director for the United Nations Regional Information Centre for Europe (UNRIC)

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